Tim Ekspedisi Antro Fikom Untirta

Utk mahasiswa Antrpologi Fikom  harap mengambil materi kuliah lebih rinci dan informasi di kelas Kom Reg.B. Kita semua harus tetap jaga kekompakan dan belajar dari banyak sumber.


2 responses

  1. regard also of serang city at banten’s province
    my language utilize indonesian
    we live in tropical equator

    initially one subject establishes then more present a lot of subject variation

    we are fixing this state a great many question which shall be answered

    thanks at attention it

    Rabu, Oktober 1, 2008 pukul 9:41 pm

  2. hoh

    hello from cape town!
    what language are you writing in?
    the photo looks like a very hot climate!
    equatorial forest?
    rice feilds

    what’s yr blog about?
    i see you have had 31,400hits since nov last year
    that’s fantastic
    you must be dealing with a subject that people really want to know about!
    sorry too many questions

    Sabtu, September 20, 2008 pukul 1:43 am

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